PowerGUI Rocks

For any IT people interested in scripting administrative tasks with something more robust than the old Windows Script Host (WSH) and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) technologies (which are still cool btw), Microsoft has unveiled PowerShell.  Its quickly ramping up from a status of “trendy new cool technology” to a status of “we can’t hire you unless you know this.” 

As an example, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 requires that you perform certain tasks through PowerShell scripting rather than using some Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in.  This is fine for advanced admins who don’t mind the occasional VBScript or for developers who find themselves in the role of administrator periodically, but for the average system admin, or possibly the above-average system admin who just doesn’t have time, Quest has released some coolness.

Said coolness comes in the form of the free-to-use software PowerGUI .  Its a wonderful little app that first presents itself as a browser for PowerShell functionality, and after a good perusing shows itself as a fleshed out IDE (Integrated Development Environment) complete with Intellisense. 

Download and enjoy!  Write scripts to annoy your coworkers!  Find ways to automate your system to simulate your presence at work while you play Wii at home!


One Response to “PowerGUI Rocks”

  1. boR@sistoMeD.moc Says:

    Powershell is also integrated into the install package that comes with SQL Server 2008 Feb CTP… I am slowly getting into it. One thing that drives me crazy from an Enterprise DBA level is the problem with user level access across domains and across servers. In order to use a a cool tool on multiple machines, you have to have the access to that machine. Sometimes as a programmer or a DBA you are not allowed access to them.

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