LG Has One of the Best Warranties Ever

Just over 3 weeks ago, a day before I was leaving town for the weekend, my 19″ widescreen LCD monitor made by LG suddently decided that all of its pixels should be white.  Pure, bright white.  Switching to analog cable versus DVI didn’t help.  Switching power cables and even the computer it was connected to didn’t change anything.  I was stuck with extreme whiteness no matter what I did.

The monitor was a birthday gift from my parents over 15 months ago.  They didn’t have the receipt any longer and I don’t blame them one bit for chucking it out.  Returning it to Best Buy was out of the question.

A coworker suggested that I look around on LG’s website for any warranty information.  I was sure this was not going to pan out, but lo and behold, LG backs all of their LCD monitors with a 3 year parts and labor warranty.  Holy Crap.

It took about 5 minutes on the phone with one of their service reps for him to set up the process to swap out my monitor.  I was supposed to have included proof of purchase with the defunct monitor, but since I didn’t have it, I just shipped it without mentioning anything to LG about it.  Two weeks later, my new monitor was being delivered by DHL. 

So it may be a point of contention that LG’s monitor died after only 15 months of use, but then again I have a newer model 19″ LCD on my desk now and I didn’t have to pay for it (or its shipping) and I didn’t even have to dig up an old wrinkled receipt.



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