Virtual Awkward Silence

The next time someone sends you an email, expecting a response, and it contains something you wholeheartedly disagree with or possibly just don’t have a direct answer to, respond to it with a blank email.  It will create a Virtual Awkward Silence (VAS). 

A VAS is a very effective way to point out to someone that the opinionated drivel in their email left you unable to speak for fear of saying something worse or offensive.  It says to them, “I want my email client to send a message across the Internet through some servers and eventually to your email client… but I don’t want that message to be verbalized.” 

A permanent record of the ensuing awkwardness will sit in the recipient’s Inbox until he/she deems it time to delete the VAS email.  Thus, it will potentially last even longer than a true Awkward Silence!  Use this power carefully.


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