Playing Super Wing Commander On The 3DO

Saturday night I brought my Panasonic 3DO game console into the living room and hooked her into the 52″ LCD and 5.1 surround sound.  This very well might be the most grand treatment one of these 3DO systems has ever received.

After playing some cursory Road Rash and ill-controlled Super Street Fighter II Turbo, I threw in my copy of Super Wing Commander.  Back in the 90’s, I was a HUGE Wing Commander enthusiast.  Needless to say I played and beat every installment in the series.  Wing Commander 1 was the title I spent most of my time with, having played through it multiple times on the Super Nintendo and once through on PC. 

The 3DO version is made “Super” by adding voices that weren’t originally in the game, even though the PC version later had a voice pack added.  It also replaces many of the graphics in the game such as ship sprites, the interactive rooms on-board the Tiger’s Claw, and a slew of prerendered cut-scenes.  These improvements aren’t so much improvements as they are means of slowing down load times on everything in the game.  I think if you are new to the game, they wouldn’t interfere, but being a long-time veteran in the series in search of nostalgia its a let-down. 

I can’t help but be a bit of a contrarian on this issue though, in that there is the part of me that is disappointed in the crappy graphics that replaced the crappy graphics that I loved, but I’m also mezmerized by the game because it is still a Wing Commander experience and one that I never enjoyed in the 90’s. 

I’m halfway through the story line and I intend to keep playing to completion.  Ahh, there is nothing like weekend hours poured into playing old classics on obscure consoles.


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