My Trip to Microsoft: Day 2

There are no white headphones at Microsoft.  White head phones have become ubiquitous as the Apple iPod has grown in popularity over the last few years, but they are not to be found here in the land of Zune.  I’ve been consciously looking for them and haven’t seen a single pair.  Talk about loyalty to your company!  Down with iPod!  Long live Zune!

On my first day here, I noticed that there was an enormous effort being made to keep the company as environmentally aware as possible.  Every trash can was accompanied by an aluminum-can recycling bin.  And each of those with a can for polystyrenes.  Light switches have little signs, elegant ones I might add, that read “Please conserve energy.”  Its a wonderful series of touches that more of America should adopt.  Today, however, the campus’ real “green” initiative kicked off.  There are no more recyling bins for aluminum only, or polystyrene-based goods.  Instead, there is a recycling bin that accepts ALL recyclable goods.  There is still a trash can, but only for things like used ketchup-packets and other plastic wrappers.  The polystyrene plates, forks and knives are a thing of the past.  Now they are using fully biodegradable utencils and plates. 

Did you get that?  Biodegradable forks, spoons and knives!!  I’m bringing some home to plant at the base of a tree so that they can feed the tree and I can observe how long they take to biodegrade.  This is fascinating.  I can’t state strongly enough how much I’m digging this.

Also, there was some interesting commentary regarding the product battle between SQL Server and Oracle.  The statement was made by one developer that it was easier to convert the average person to be specifically a Republican Catholic than to switch an Oracle user to SQL Server or vice versa.  That prompted me to comment on how hard it would be to convert someone to a Republican Catholic Oracle developer.  Now I’m just curious, are there any Republican Catholic Oracle developers reading this?


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