My Trip to Microsoft: Last Day Here

Today is Bill Gates’ last day at Microsoft and its mine as well.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend any of his parting festivities, but it was hard to walk far on campus without overhearing conversations about his departure.  He’ll be missed.

Last night we had dinner at The Third Floor Fish Cafe overlooking Lake Washington and I tasted swordfish for the first time in life.  It was excellent.  One the high points of our trip.

Today we wrapped up our work in the lab, and our host, Sanjay Mishra, was kind enough to take the lot of us to visit Snoqualmie Falls.  It was breathtaking and pictures will be posted soon!

First, however, I would like to write just a bit regarding Sanjay.  He is a program manager with the SQL Customer Advisory Team, and our company’s technical contact within Microsoft.  He has been in charge of the testing lab, meeting coordination, and other business around the campus during our stay.  He’s also been kind enough to take us out to eat, visit the falls, and show us around campus (especially where to get food).  If it weren’t for Sanjay, we would be lost in most of our endeavors here.  He’s as curtious as he is informative and a pleasure to work with.  He also needs to hurry up and visit us in Memphis again so that we can take him out to find more vegetarian food at local steakhouses.  Always fun.

And now I must close this post before adding images.  My flight leaves at 6:40 in the morning which is mere hours away and I must sleep!


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