Warhawk Revisited

Last Fall I picked up a copy of Warhawk, the online-only PS3 exclusive title that simulates dogfighting in advanced fighter ships while maintaining a strong ground war.  I loved it, but it was riddled with bugs.  What finally drove me to quit playing though was merely loneliness- none of my friends had a PS3.

Finally, some of my friends have acquired PS3’s and I’m encouraging them to purchase the game.  I’ve started playing again this week and I’m addicted once more.  The game has the intensity of Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4, sans realism, but it has an extra element that I appreciate even more than the realism:  it never takes itself too seriously.  Without going as far as the voice-over work that was done for the characters in Team Fortress 2, the game succeeds at adding humor through things like the exaggerated ragdoll effects your lifeless body exhibits after a grenade kill.

Some handy additions and bug fixes have been applied since I last played as well.  You can now swap out the default knife melee weapon for a wrench, which can kill as effectly as the knife but also repair vehicles and turrents with a similar swinging motion to that in Team Fortress 2.  Health regeneration equipment has been added as well to create a “healing zone” for team mates to hold a position longer. 

There are 2 expansion packs now – priced at $8 a piece or $12 together – which add a map and vehicle each.  I haven’t purchased these as of yet, but I plan to if said friends are interested as well. 

I don’t know if the term underrated applies to this game, because the game has largely received terrific reviews.  But it doesn’t seem to get talked about nearly as much as Team Fortress 2, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, etc.  And the simple reason is that there aren’t as many players.  Sony is claiming PS3 sales high enough that there could reasonably be a competing force of Warhawk players out there, but its just not the case.  Sure there are plenty of servers and players in them, but not on the levels that more mainstream games see.  So my question is this:  why isn’t this game mainstream?  It should be.

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