SQL Server Management Studio 2008 Gives No Intellisense for SQL 2005 Instances

A coworker of mine discovered today that in the RTM version of SSMS that ships with SQL Server 2008, Intellisense only works when you are connected to a 2008 server instance.  Point that bad boy at 2005 and you get nothing.

In the pre-release builds of SSMS 2008, Intellisense was available, however quite buggy.  It was basing all of its prompting on features and Transact-SQL syntax that is based on 2008’s version.  When writing tSQL for a 2005 instance, it might prompt you incorrectly or even highlight malformed code that actually is completely correct, however not correct for 2008.

An issue has already been opened and close for this in Connect.  It currently has over 200 validations, which are votes from users wanting the issue resolved, but its closed status seems to say that the issue will not be resolved.

Personally, I prefer buggy Intellisense to none at all.  The note I left when validating the issue was to that effect as well.  Does anyone else out there feel the same way?


2 Responses to “SQL Server Management Studio 2008 Gives No Intellisense for SQL 2005 Instances”

  1. Vacca.C Says:

    Your link to the Connect page seems to be broken.
    Here is the link:

    Please vote if you want this feature supported in the next SP

  2. liberatedsoftware Says:

    @Vacca.C, Thanks for the heads-up! The link is fixed now! 🙂

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