Tiger Woods 09 for Xbox 360 – I Can’t Copy My Player To Another Xbox!

Its been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything, mainly because I’ve been busy playing EA Sports’ Tiger Woods 09 on my Xbox 360.  Its a terrific golf sim and EA has out-done themselves on quantity and quality of content.  The real-time feedback on swing mechanics, added courses, improved graphics, improved chipping, alternate control mode, simultaneous online play, and dynamic player attributes are but a few of the improvements that all add up to make this the best Tiger Woods game ever.  But…

I want to take my awesome custom player (ChosenOne) from my home Xbox to work with me and load him up on the office system.  Three of my coworkers are wanting to do the same.  To solve this, I picked up an Xbox 360 Memory Unit (256MB) off Ebay.  I was easily able to copy my player to the memory card in the Xbox 360’s dashboard, but loading the player at work was a different story.

If I try to simply copy the file back to the hard drive off the memory unit in the dashboard, I’m told that it can not be copied across profiles.  Why is my profile attached to the memory unit?  I don’t get this.

If we go into the game’s interface and try to load the character from the memory unit, the game tells us that no valid users were found on the memory card.  This is most troubling.

At this point we deduced that there must be some means in the game’s interface to “save” off the player to the memory card or for exporting to a different profile on the Xbox… wrong.  There doesn’t seem to be any command for this.  

So now we’re stuck.  Not sure what the next move is, if there is one.  Searching forums has not proven helpful since it seems we’re the only people in the world trying to do this.  

Please let me know if you know the way around this issue!  This is a truly great game and I hate to see it suffer such an obvious shortcoming!

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2 Responses to “Tiger Woods 09 for Xbox 360 – I Can’t Copy My Player To Another Xbox!”

  1. Ryan Says:

    we are trying to do this also, have you figured it out yet?

    • liberatedsoftware Says:

      It seems that players are bound to profiles, so you can’t copy a player from one 360 to another without copying your entire profile and subsequently logging in with that profile to access the player. It really sucks.

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