My First Week Owning an iPhone

It is important for you to understand up front that I am 28 years old and spent roughly 27 years loathing Apple for a wide range of reasons. I could list those reasons out but most of them are fairly predictable for anyone who is on the PC side of the PC vs. Apple war that has raged for seeming eons.

But here I find myself for the first time in life, a proud owner of an Apple product, and only seldom cursing its name the way I have traditionally cursed other products of the same brand. Truth be told, I love my iPhone so far and can only think of a small handful of changes I would make if I were Apple.

First and foremost it is my phone. That’s its core competency and it functions quite smoothly. No better or worse than any other decent cell phone on the market right now so far as I can tell. If it had somehow gotten this part wrong, while succeeding at everything else I would have call it a failure (or possibly an iPod Touch, which is essentially an iPhone without the phone, camera, mic).

But I keep finding myself using it for so many other things. It is a means of keeping the Internet with me as I walk around and do whatever it is I do in life. The potential power that comes with having Google in my pocket at all times still hasn’t quite set in mentally for me, though I have been taking lots of advantage of it. The voice-recognition functionality of the Google search app is wonderful.

I also find myself more readily willing to check up on Facebook, or MySpace, read the tweets of my Twitter followees, search Amazon for product reviews, or just plain old play a handheld video game.

The iPhone excels at all of these things. It certainly feels like the generic portable information-giving device that has been on display in so many Science Fiction works.

Now it does have a handful of negatives. Copy/paste functionality has been promised for a future update, but as that is the future and this is now I sorely crave that ability. Also, multitasking apps would be amazing. The device isn’t broken without it, but as I become more adept at traversing my phone’s capabilities this omission has become more and more glaring.  Being able to “alt-tab” between a Google Map to a restaurant, a web page of its menu, and the half-complete text message I’m typing to a friend who needs directions would be wonderful.  Additionally, it wouldn’t kill them to make certain well established file-types readily readable (PDF anyone?) without having to download a poor but functional free app or a decent but non-free app.

Hopefully some of these things can come in the future with updates and app releases.  In the meantime I’ll enjoy all the terrific functionality it does have and encourage others to give it a try.

One more thing!  I’d just like to throw in that my friend Scott Brown wrote his own iPhone game and its a blast!  I highly recommend checking it out- Tic-Tac-No! is harder than it seems and only $1.00 for the full copy.


2 Responses to “My First Week Owning an iPhone”

  1. tom Says:

    nice blog 🙂

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