Can’t Update My iPhone Yet

I was looking forward to writing up a review of how cool/crappy/whatever the new iPhone software is.  Looks like I’ll have to keep looking forward.

iTunes let me download the update just fine.  Considering the software was just released within the last couple of hours, it downloaded extremely fast.  But I can’t update because, “the iPhone activation server is temporarily unavailable.”

Its crap like this that makes me hate organizations like Apple and MS and anyone else who has the ego to mandate that my stuff be contingent on their stuff.  Think about this:  I have an iPhone and I have the new software downloaded and I have the means to put the software on the iPhone… except I can’t because they have a server down.

This is a prime case of x+2=3, but not being able to determine x because you don’t know y, even though y isn’t in the equation.  Y isn’t in the freaking equation!

Imagine a world in which everything worked this way.  Like I can’t start my car in the morning becuase GM is bankrupt and they’re down.  Or I can’t play single player video games because my game console temporarily lost its Internet connection.  Or I can’t watch a movie on my DVD player because the planets are out of alignment.

Okay, maybe that last anology sounded absurd, but was it really?  Here I am with all the hardware and software I need, all of which was legally acquired, and I can’t use it because some server out there somewhere is down.  That server might as well be a planetary misalignment as far as I’m concerned.


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