Just Cause 2 Demo Doesn’t Suck At All

The best demo I’ve ever played (or at least, the one I played the most) was Crackdown’s demo three years ago.  It was addictingly simple to just jump in, blow things up, level up my character, and have a blast.  The demo limited you to one area of the city, and further limited you to 30 minutes of gameplay per session with the demo.  My friends and I probably logged over 8 hours on the demo alone before purchasing the finished game.

I downloaded the Just Cause 2 Demo for both PC and 360 as soon as it became available.  Both versions are essentially identical.  You are limited to 35 of the final game’s 400 square miles to explore.  And like Crackdown, you are limited to 30 minutes of chaos causing action before you must start over.

My one complaint though… let me just get this out of the way real quick, won’t take but a second… You can’t skip the intro and it has the worst voice acting I’ve heard in a while.  Annoying that I have to sit through that every 30 minutes of demo game time.

Now that that complaint is established, let me just say: EVERYTHING ELSE IS FUN AS HELL.  The controls are better, the targeting is more sensible, the graphics are phenomenal, and the grapple/parachute mechanics make me wish I could have them in every other game I play, especially Assassin’s Creed for whatever reason.

Tethering soldiers to gas tanks and launching them into the air is fun.  Tethering myself to gas tanks and launching them into the air is fun.  Tethering soldiers to passing cars, each other, trees, buildings, helicopters, and even the ground is just plain great.  Not sure why, but it just never gets old to me.

I beat the original Just Cause for the Xbox 360 and it was the first and only game in which I’ve ever successfully completed every single achievement.  I hope to do the same with the sequel, which I will purchase day 1 (March 23rd).


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