Trying out the Windows Live Writer

This blog entry is entirely written using the Windows Live Writer.  The app is part of the Windows Live offering and is pretty easily installed after a quick Google search.

I was initially just trying to install Windows Movie Maker.  I wanted to custom edit a handful of the MIX10 session videos so that I could present them to the C++ class I teach at Southwest Tennessee Community College.  It seems like a nice idea to edit just the clips of the two or three videos I want to present into a single WMV file to play in class and potentially distribute to my students.

Until now I didn’t realize that Windows Movie Maker was not installed out-of-the-box on my Windows 7 system.  It was my quick Google search that lead me to the Windows Live Writer app that installs with Movie Maker and other Live applications.

I’m actually yet to run movie maker because I wanted to try this application out so badly.  Once I ran Writer, it prompted me for my blog URL and login info.  It pulled down all the appropriate fonts and CSS stylings and is letting me type this post in a pretty clean and generic looking window rather than with the nice-ish, but clunky editor provided on the WordPress site.

Now I’m realizing that I’m currently writing a blog post about the blog post I’m writing.  This is all a bit meta so I think I’ll end it here.  Let’s see what happens when I click this “Publish” button…


One Response to “Trying out the Windows Live Writer”

  1. technogran Says:

    Read my posts on how to use Live Writer for you blog posts. I wouldn’t blog without it! It’s a must program for any blogger Go and read

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