Awesome Note is Awesome

Typically, I am 100% against buying apps on the iPhone App Store.  It’s for several reasons, namely that for every app that I purchase I become more and more attached to the iPhone device and my opportunity cost of switching phones increases.  However, I have found one worth the $4 it cost and I wanted to share its awesomeness with you.

A few weeks ago I was prepping to leave for Las Vegas for MIX 2010.  I had many things I needed to wrap up at work and around the house, while also forming my mental list of the things I would need to pack.  It was a longer list of tasks than my day to day life ever consists of and it was a bit overwhelming.  So I did what I always do: find a technology that solves my problem for me!

I tried out a handful of organization and to-do listing apps on the iPhone, but none of them impressed me quite like Awesome Note.  The trial version lets you play with the UI like crazy, but limits you to a total of only 8 notes across all folders.  Pretty limiting, but it was enough to get my interest. 

It wasn’t until a couple weeks later that I actually made the decision to purchase.  My hesitation in spending money on phone software prevented me from purchasing immediately, but within just a couple of weeks, I was confronted with another series of days where I had many deadlines at work, and in the programming class I teach, and with tasks around my house.  So I caved in and I bought it.

Since then, I have become somewhat dependent on it.  I have a fairly regular routine of checking it to see what is due today in the coming days.  The biggest rule I follow is that whenever I think of something, anything, that I need to do, I immediately whip out my phone and enter it into Awesome Note, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.  Well… unless I’m driving; that’s just not safe.

I have found that I get things done (not quite in a David Allen, “Getting Things Done” kind of way) more efficiently and on time.  I have a much lower overall stress level, because I know I’m pretty much never forgetting anything.  I even find that I discipline myself better in recreational things that I want to get done, such as finishing that book that has sat on my nightstand for weeks, and getting back to that video game that I never quite finished but felt guilty about when I bought a new game… or three.

So if you have an iPhone, go check out Awesome Note!  It’s $4 that I spent very, very well.


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