Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, and Windows 7 DirectX 10

Want to run Unreal Tournament ‘99, and games based on its engine, in Windows 7, USING DIRECTX 10?  You can.  Go here:  http://kentie.net/article/d3d10drv/

Last year I swallowed my pride and purchased a game off of Steam for the first time.  It was Unreal Tournament ‘99 and it cost me $2.00 on an 80% off sale.  How can you say no to that?  I owned the game back-in-the-day, but have since lost the discs by loaning them to someone I would later lose touch with.  When I saw the chance to get it back for two bucks, I jumped on it.

But then I played it and it ran like crap.  The framerate stayed high, but there were these weird slow-downs, almost like I was Neo and I was fighting the Matrix or something, only nowhere near as fun or interesting. 

After much Googling, I found that I could switch to OpenGL and change some settings in the INI file and the game would run near-perfect.  And it did!

Then last week I picked up Deus Ex off steam for $2.50 on sale. I’ve never actually played through the game.  Since so many folks on Shacknews claim it is the greatest game they’ve ever played, I figured I should pick up the cheap copy.

Upon running the game I noticed that the graphics setup screen was identical to that of UT ‘99.  Since it was the same engine, I just went ahead and set it to run in OpenGL and I made the same INI file changes.  No luck though this time, the slow weirdness persisted.

That’s when I stumbled across the aforementioned site.  On this site you’ll find an archive file full of DLL’s for Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, and even Rune (a fun game that I haven’t played in years!).  Copying the files into their respective games’ folders allows for DirectX 10 to be a selectable rendering option, and both games run fantastically for me.

For whatever reason, it took me a while in my Googling to find this page, so I hope that this blog post serves to direct more people to it.  Should the archive here or the page itself ever be taken down, please contact me in the comments and I will try to provide an alternative source.

Happy gaming!


6 Responses to “Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, and Windows 7 DirectX 10”

  1. Mark Dinstuhl Says:

    Turbine was my favorite map on UT. I swear – as long as transporters were turned off, I *owned* that map.

  2. liberatedsoftware Says:

    Turbine was great- and I never got tired of CTF Facing Worlds. My favorite though was part of the ChaosUT map pack, DM Weapons of Chaos. Combine an explosive-tipped crossbow with the jump boots and low gravity belt and you are pretty much in UT99 heaven.

  3. Daniel15 Says:

    Thanks for the link! I’ll have to try this out. Found this post while I was searching in Google wondering if Unreal Tournament works in Windows 7. I’ve still got an original Unreal Tournament CD, will have to find it and try it out 😛

  4. Home Security Says:

    well, i have troubles installing windows7 on my PC. maybe i need a bios update or something `,~

  5. Dr.Flay™ Says:

    The problem you faced with the speed of UT, is because of modern variable speed CPUs.
    It also does not like multi-cores. There are patched versions of the EXE to fix that.
    Lock the CPU at max speed during install or UT thinks your CPU is slower and tries to compensate.
    Always check http://www.ut99.org for patches and updates.

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