A Nifty Build Version Incrementer for Visual Studio

Need a quick and simple way to auto-increment builds of assemblies in Visual Studio 2005, 2008, or 2010?  Try this.

While working on my LaunchLater project’s installer application, I ran into trouble with an installer not necessarily updating the app to the new version.  Even though I had configured the project where RemovePreviousVersions was set to true, it would compare more than just the product version of the installer, it would compare each assembly and only update if the assembly had a newer version number.

Visual Studio, despite its clear superiority over other IDE’s, still does not have the capability to auto-increment assembly versions.  Fortunately, the open source project linked to here, known as Build Version Increment Add-in Visual Studio, works excellently.

I configured every assembly in my project to auto increment such that the major and minor versions wouldn’t change, but the 3rd and 4th designated version place holders would.  The 3rd position would increment by 1’s and the 4th would be a timestamp.  This allows for versions to go from to  This also allowed my installer to always update previous installs correctly, since the newly built assemblies are versioned accordingly and automatically.

Many thanks to the devs on the project!


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