Holy Crap, People are Using LaunchLater

In its first three months of living on Codeplex, LaunchLater saw just over 70 downloads.  Then early last week, on the same day that I released version 1.4, a blogger made mention of it in an article about various apps that achieve the goal of deferred startup application launching.  Soon after a post on a Brazilian site also mentioned LaunchLater and even tweeted a link to the post.

In the week that has passed since then, I’ve seen over 100 new downloads occur.  It really makes me wish Codeplex updated its analytics more frequently so that I could see where some of these clicks are coming from.


To respond to this influx of users, I spent some time over the weekend working on several features that will add polish to the product.  I’ve tweaked the UI in several places and I’m adding functionality for the app to passively alert the user when a new version has been made available online.

This new version should be online later this week, assuming I get the free time to wrap its feature set up.  Seeing the number of downloads jump so high so quickly is quite motivating.  I’m finding it very rewarding to see that my efforts spent on this pet project might actually be helping many people to organize and streamline their experience with their PC’s.


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