A Year of Launching Later

A Year ago today I released my LaunchLater project into the wild as open source software.  This has been one of the most fun adventures in my career as a software developer.

Since its initial launch, it has gone through several versions.  There have been bug fixes, new features, and improved user interface design.  It has been mentioned on blogs in the U.S., Russia, Brazil, Italy, Slovakia, Japan, Turkey, and even shown up in a video blog from Spain.

It has included code written by one of my coworkers, who added one of my most desired features to the app: the ability to import existing Windows startup items.  Another coworker has forked the project to play with his own ideas of where the app could go.

The app itself has been downloaded over 4,500 times as of this writing, and its source code has been downloaded by over 70 developers.

I’ve gotten to receive and respond to feedback via Twitter, blog comments, Reddit, messages over Codeplex, and conversations with friends and coworkers.

Most importantly though- it does its job well for me.  My Windows-based computers boot faster because of it, and I love that.

Happy Birthday, LaunchLater!


One Response to “A Year of Launching Later”

  1. nootropics Says:

    Many thanks. An abundance of stuff!

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