People Jeff Hates – My Blog of (Mostly) Lies

A few weeks ago while discussing a tech issue with my officemate (@thomaslangston), I realized that the best way to convey my thought was to draw it on our whiteboard in Venn diagram form.

We were discussing the issue of mobile location tracking that had just made it into headline news as something that seemed to be universally agreed upon as “bad,” yet I was convinced that there had to be some subset of those complaining people that also use social location services such as Foursquare.  I determined that whoever that subset is, should it exist, is worthy of my hatred.  Thusly, the center, overlapping piece of the Venn diagram in this instance was labeled “People Jeff Hates.”

Now I want to be clear on this point: I’m not a hateful person.  I might curse and use a certain finger at other drivers in traffic on occasion, but really, I’m a pretty agreeable guy.  That’s why we got a good laugh out of the overlap of “People Jeff Hates.”  I’m just not hateful.

The diagram stayed on our whiteboard for a couple of weeks until one day, in another conversation with the same officemate, I realized that I could comically make my point yet again simply by erasing the two outer labels (“People complaining about location tracking”, and “People who use Foursquare”) and replace them with new labels that were relevant to the current conversation.  The humorous bit, again, was that the overlap in the center remained “People Jeff Hates.”

Now that two of these diagrams had been thought up, it became a game to think of more.  The challenge for me is like I said- I’m just not a hateful person.  But, after much effort, I was able to come up with several more ideas, almost entirely tech themed.

Next thing I know, my coworker is drawing them crudely in Gimp and creating a blog for them to live on.  And that’s how People Jeff Hates came into being.

It gets updated each week on Wednesdays and now holds a couple months’ worth of content.  I only have a few more weeks’ worth thought up so I’ll have to go think up more people to hate.  I’ll likely have to occasionally break from the tech-theme and I may even mix it up with some non-Venn diagrams, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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